3Dfiti is an art project that consists in designing 3D-printable items that can fit into the public space.
When an item is dropped, whoever scans its QR code first can take it away and "claim it".
Some drops even let you do more than that…
Every model are printed using recycled PLA plastic. Nothing else than a good fit or a magnet let them hold in place when planted in the public space. No glue, no screw, no degradation.

Most models are also featured in short videos on social platforms, exploring the possibilities offered by mixing CGI and 3D-printing.
Drop announcements are randomly made on one of 3Dfiti social accounts.


1. First come, first served
2. You must claim a found item with the qrcode, ortherwise it will be turned to lost and you won't be able to claim it anymore
3. You should not put yourself in harms way to get an item